NEW YORK TIMES CRITIC'S PICK! "An Ingenious Black Comedy"

Phase 4 Acquires James Westby’s Rid of Me, Starring Katie O’Grady


by  Anne Thompson

Berry Meyerowitz’s Phase 4 Films has acquired all North American rights to James Westby’s black comedy Rid of Me, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring.  In making the acquisition, Meyerowitz cited discovery Katie O’Grady the film’s “sharp wit and offbeat originality.”

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“Rid Of Me” Won’t Go Away


by Danny Peary

One of the films I anticipated most at the recent Tribeca Film Festival was Rid of Me, a black comedy by James Westby.

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Tribeca 2011: Five films to watch after the festival is over

by Steven Zeitchik

The New York gathering winds down this weekend, but here are five noteworthy entries from this year’s festival — and some ideas about where to watch them in the coming months.

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Tribeca: Seven Questions For Katie O’Grady Of ‘Rid Of Me’

by Simbarashe

Seven questions for Rid of Me‘s Katie O’Grady. O’Grady, who plays Meris in the film, has received critical acclaim as a socially anxious woman who’s forced into a divorce shortly after moving with her husband back to his hometown.

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Tribeca Film Festival ’11: Rid of Me Review

by Melissa Hanson

Rid of Me by director/writer James Westby (Film GeekThe Auteur) tells the tale of Meris (Katie O’Grady) and Mitch (John Keyser); newlyweds who move back to Mitch’s hometown in Oregon. When Meris has trouble fitting in with his friends, a series of terribly awkward and hilarious situations occur.

Mostly everyone has found themselves in a situation where you felt you didn’t fit. Katie O’Grady (Management) as Meris is both sad and hopeful. We see her as someone we can relate to, and we have no idea what she will do next. I loved the character and am looking forward to seeing what O’Grady will do next. She seems to have a similarity to Kristin Wiig in that she can pull off hilarity as well as drama.

This is exactly the type of movie that I expected to see at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s got non-mainstream actors and an off-the-wall story. There are a lot of unnecessary zooms, but I actually found it to be quite hilarious in a purposely good way. The sound is raw, the lighting is natural, but if you can get over that, it’s quite fun.

Rating: A truly enjoyable indie black comedy. 7/10

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No Room at the Orgy as Tribeca Wraps: THE BEST OF TRIBECA’S REST

by Erica Abeel

Rid Of Me
In this inventive dark comedy by James Westby sad-sack Meris (Katie O’Grady) moves with her studly but stiff husband to Portland, Oregon, where she gets little love from his friends, a ghastly bunch out of The Stepford Wives. When her husband dumps her for his high school flame, Meris takes a job in a candy store, stumbling into the Northwest underground punk scene and emerging with a renewed sense of self-worth.

Why you should see it:
Director James Westby is a talent on the march. “Rid of Me” is not only cheerfully obscene, hip, and wickedly funny — it scraps linear narrative in favor of flash forwards and backwards, deftly capturing emotional states through techniques peculiarly suited to cinema. Using super-saturated colors, outrageous up-your-nose closeups, and tropes from horror movies Rid of Me is about the triumph of the nerds over the bland, intolerant majority.

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James Westby movie to star Theresa Russell, Art Alexakis and Storm Large

James Westby, one of the scrappiest of Oregon’s DIY independent filmmakers, has assembled an unusually interesting cast for his next project, “Rid of Me.”

Read the full article at The Oregonian website: James Westby movie to star Theresa Russell, Art Alexakis and Storm Large

Published: Friday, February 13, 2009, 2:52 PM

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