James Westby (Writer/Director/Editor/Producer)

James Westby

James Westby is an independent filmmaker from Portland, OR.  He writes, directs, and edits provocative feature films with economical budgets, no compromises, and big laughs.

Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly gave his film FILM GEEK (2006) a B+, calling it “perceptively hilarious.”  THE AUTEUR, a sweet romantic comedy about the world’s greatest porn director, premiered at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and has played all over the world to huge acclaim.

Westby’s new film, the black comedy RID OF ME, starring Katie O’Grady and Theresa Russell will premiere in the Spring of 2011.

James is currently working on as anti-bully documentary as well as his next feature, a screwball comedy set in 1947 Manhattan entitled HOT IN THE ZIPPER.  His favorite movie of all time is Robert Altman’s THE LONG GOODBYE.

Katie O’Grady (Producer)

Katie O' Grady

Katie O’Grady works in both Portland and LA. Her production company, Alcove Productions, LLC, teamed up alongside filmmaker/director James Westby (The Auteur, Film Geek) and produced RID OF ME (a black comedy), HOT IN THE ZIPPER (a 1940’s screwball comedy), Oracle’s video WAKE, Storm Large’s music video 8 MILES WIDE, and ONE a documentary/narrative about teen bullying.

Jason Wells (Composer/Sound Designer)

Jason Wells

“Rid of Me” marks the third collaboration of James Westby and composer Jason Wells, following their successes with “The Auteur” and “Film Geek.”  Wells is a versatile composer and sound designer with 20 years of major film, TV, and animation credits.  But deep down he is a bona fide film-junkie, which made working with Westby a perfect match. A soundtrack connoisseur, jazz/classical enthusiast, actor, trumpet player (Trashcan Joe, MarchFourth Marching Band), multi-instrumentalist, and seasoned engineer, Jason Wells brings a lifetime of passion and experience to the haunting soundscape of “Rid of Me.”